compassion ministry

About Us 

UBC Compassion was started on December 2, 2011 by the Mission Board as the social concern initiative of Union Baptist Church, Kohima with the objective to reach out to the less privileged families living in different colonies in Kohima town. The ministry is managed through the help of the church and contribution (both cash and kind) of families and individuals. It is not just ‘sympathy’ but along with it, we want to ‘act and help’ those who suffer.

Our Mission

UBC Compassion exists to reach out and share the love of Jesus Christ in the community, through works of service bringing meaning in their lives.

Our Outcomes

We believe that the ultimate impact of our programs will result in beneficiaries becoming self-sufficient, self-supporting and be responsible members of the community they live in. The following are the outcomes we desire that every individual beneficiary will:

  • Live meaningful and productive lives thereby moving from dependent and becoming independent.
  • Support themselves and share with others in need.
  • Experience the love of Jesus Christ and come to faith in Him, grow deeper in their relationship with God and the believers community.

Our Core Values

  • Stewardship : UBC Compassion strives to protect, develop and use all its resources (people, time, money, knowledge, materials) with great care and wisdom. God owns it all, and we are called to be faithful stewards of His resources.
  • Integrity : Aligning our thoughts, motivations, attitudes and actions with the ethical principles found in God’s Word. In both our personal lives and our ministry, what we believe, what we say and what we do should be consistent, congruent, reliable and transparent.
  • Dignity : Each person is created in God’s image and bears God’s likeness. Jesus treated everyone with respect and willingly gave His life for the redemption of all people. Therefore, all people we work with deserve our respect and love.
  • Excellence : In doing things God’s way- consistently doing everything that we are called to do with outstanding quality. We do the right thing, the right way, every time.