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About Our Church

Union Baptist Church Kohima is a Baptist church located in the heart of Kohima town near the local ground.

It was established on 28th October 1973 by a group of like-minded Christian leaders envisioning a Bible-based evangelical church in the heart of Kohima.

Following the Billy Graham Evangelistic Crusade in 1972 and revivals happening in the state in the early 70s, there was a felt need among the new and growing number of believers for an Evangelistic church in the heart of the state’s capital. Union Baptist Church was thus formed with this vision to cater to people from different tribes, backgrounds, status, and intellectual standing, but with this common vision to be a body of believers who stand by God’s Word.

Our Vision

UBC Mhitsie

Khrista nunu keze puo chü di UKEPENUOPFÜ khrie, Puo DIE khrie, mu Puo THEMIA khriekecü kerhei kehou puo chütuo (Mhak.2:42-47).

  1. KETSEKESHÜ KEZHAU (Great Commission) dieze chütsiketuo la thehie chütuo. (Mathi 28:19,20)
  2. Phichü nhicu bu thenou ketho se UKEPENUOPFÜ RÜSUO si kielie (Mk. 12:30)
  3. Pete bu KHRISTA SIEDZI KETHOMIA chülie ketuo kele se kepelemia tahitarho tuo.
  4. Kepelemia bu KEPEROKECÜ nu shürho mu metei di kekrotho tuo. (Mhak. 2:44-47)
  5. KETHO mu NGUKEMEZHIE bu kehou zasi chütuo. (Efe.4:15)
  6. Pete bu u thuo u KEMESA RUOPFÜ MHAPHRUO si di Khrista mu puo kehou lie chü sikelie. (1 Kor.12; Efe.4:11; Rom.12:6-8)
  7. UKEPENUOPFÜ DIE se petha tou mu se LHOUKEBA kehou puo chütuo. (Chiel.119:105; 1 Tim.3:16,17)
  8. MHAKEVI CHÜ DI (Kewhira nu sede di) mia la theja kehou puo chütuo. (Mat.5:16; Mhak. 6:1)
  9. MEMIEKEZHÜ (numerical growth) kehou puo chütuo. (Mhak. 2:47)
  10. MISSIONARYMIA KETSE PIE (both conventional and career missionaries) kijü luki haki shü kezhü kehou puo chütuo. (Mhak. 1:8; Mathi.28:18,19)
  11. Lietho kehoupuo nu rei THEDO KEVI mu KELE KEVI (creativity & innovation) se mhachü mu thakie chütuo. (2  Tim.2:15; Fili.4:8)
  12. Ukepenuopfü la we leliekevi kezie Puo bu chüshünukecü se cha di Puo zhapu chütuo, sidi kekreimia chathapie Puo kerüsuo nu shütuo. (Efe.3:20)

“Krodiko Jihova shürheiu thuo hau chüshütuo.” (Is.37:32)

UBC vision

To be a vibrant church in Christ that loves GOD, loves his WORD, and loves his PEOPLE (Acts 2:42-47)

  1. To be a church that creatively implements the GREAT COMMISSION through effective and innovative ministries.
  2. To be a church that provides meaningful and life impacting WORSHIP, where both young and old learn to worship from the heart and express such worship creatively. (Mk. 12:30)
  3. To be a church that develops all its people into fully functioning FOLLOWERS OF CHRIST, equipping them to fulfill their LIFE’S MISSION. (Matt.28:18,19)
  4. To be a church where inter-personal relationships are warm, strong, and healthy. (Acts 2:44-47)
  5. To be a church marked by TRUTH and GRACE. (Eph.4:15)
  6. To be a church where every worshipper knows his/her SPIRITUAL GIFT(S) and SERVES the church through various ministries. (1 Cor.12; Eph.4:11; Rom.12:6-8)
  7. To be a church where the WORD OF GOD is preached with soundness and APPLIED to real life situations. (Ps.119:105; 1 Tim.3:16,17)
  8. To be a church that initiate WORKS OF SERVICE and IMPACTING SOCIETY (starting with Kohima) and bringing MEANING in people’s life. (Mat.5:16; Acts 6:1)
  9. To be a church that outgrows its present size and meets at different times every Sunday.
  10. To be a church SENDING MISSIONARIES (both conventional and career missionaries) to different parts of the world. (Acts 1:8; Matt.28:18,19)
  11. To be a church that demonstrates CREATIVITY and INNOVATION in every area of ministry. (2  Tim.2:15; Phil.4:8)
  12. To be a church that dares to do/ask the impossible and seeing God at work, leading people to worship HIM. (Eph.3:20)

“The zeal of the Lord Almighty will accomplish this.” (Is.37:32)